Different Ways to Eat Your Favorite Desserts

Image Source: afpllc.com

It’s no secret that there are different ways to eat the foods we all love. But are there more convenient or efficient ways to bring the treats to the tongue?

1. Let’s start off easy with one that we all know and love. The Oreo Cookie. Do you break it in half and eat the filling separate from the crunchy outer layer? Or do you take a coherent bite, getting that swirl of chocolate and vanilla– or whatever flavor “stuff” you desire? And then there’s the question of whether or not to add milk. So many choices!

The truth is, there is an intended approach to devouring this chocolate treat. The “twist, lick, and dunk” method is the Oreo Team’s preferred method. First, you twist the cookie, then you lick the filling, put the cookie back together, dunk it in milk, and eat the rest. The company used this method in a recent advertising campaign with Basketball Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal, launching what they call the Dunk Challenge.

2. Moving through the category of desserts, up next is ice cream. I know personally, the methodology in my family is divided for this cold treat. When eating ice cream with a spoon, I like to smooth it along the edges inside the container, careful to level it out for a creamier and smoother experience. I find it highly satisfying because it’s like I have a job to do by keeping it neat as I go. Others find it gratifying to just dig right in, and rightfully so. There’s nothing better than taking a big scoop of ice cream and getting all the flavors and add-ins into one big bite.

If you eat your ice cream in a cone, do you lick vertically? Horizontally? Or take a dreaded bite out of it? Do you add certain toppings? I know I used to add gummy bears to my ice cream until I learned that they would become frozen the longer they remained, and I switched to sprinkles. There are many ways to skin a cat… or to eat ice cream.

3. Up next, a true classic: cupcakes. If you haven’t already heard about all the different ways to eat a cupcake, you’ve been missing out. Some lick the frosting off first and then eat the cake. Others move through the process one bite at a time, getting frosting and cake together. 

The most efficient way to eat a cupcake, according to mashed.com, as well as most of the cupcake-eaters I know, is essentially by making a cupcake sandwich. First, you cut the “cake” part of the cupcake in half horizontally. Then you take that half of the cake and put it on top of the frosting. This method helps to avoid a nose full of frosting, or an improper cake-to-frosting ratio. It makes for the most enjoyable and least messy cupcake experience. Granted, it does take more prep work, but I’d say it’s worth it.