Movies to “Read”

Image Source: Rev

Before starting your television show or movie, do you make sure there are subtitles?

Keep in mind that I’m referring to having subtitles on while watching your favorite television show or movie as opposed to needing subtitles for foreign films.

Initially, I didn’t prefer having subtitles on while watching because I thought the lines of text covered the visuals, which meant I couldn’t appreciate the scene from the episode or film in its entirety. I also found them distracting as I’d focus more on hurriedly following along to the lines of text and not on the relaxation and enjoyment of watching my favorite program. I couldn’t fully immerse myself in the world of television.

However, my attitude towards subtitles began to change, mainly because the subtitles are always on when I watch movies with my family. As subtitles kept frequenting the screen throughout every show and movie my family and I watched, I began to prefer it. I started to see the benefits of subtitles, such as allowing viewers to better understand the dialogue, especially when the character’s line is incoherent due to an accent or surrounding noise.

No longer did the lines of text on the bottom of the screen that popped up before the character expressed their next line feel like an intrusion. Instead, the subtitles complemented my viewing experience like a delectable, buttery tub of popcorn complements a movie night. Having subtitles became part of my viewing experience.

Now, as soon as I begin watching any show or movie on a video streaming platform, I ensure there are subtitles, even if it’s my favorite show that I’ve rewatched for the millionth time.

To enhance your viewing experience, turn on subtitles for these enchanting classics and enjoy your next movie night: My Fair Lady, Sabrina (1995), and Ever After: A Cinderella Story.