Creating that perfect playlist to keep you entertained and calm while traveling

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Traveling is always so much fun once you arrive at your destination, but the planning and process to get there can be quite overwhelming and stressful at times. 

Taken from my experience, traveling from my hometown in Hawaii to California for school was not an easy feat when it came to booking flights and flying back and forth between the two states every few months. The airport itself is already a stressful place to be, and pairing that with a 6-hour flight is enough to make you anxious just at the thought of it. 

Therefore, I knew that I had to figure out a solution to keep myself entertained as well as calm my nerves while traveling from Hawaii to California and vice versa.

I have always utilized music going about my daily life–whether I’m going on a walk, shopping at the supermarket, or studying for an exam – so I decided to experiment as to whether music would help me while I travel as well. 

I created a “traveling playlist” for myself on Spotify to listen to while at the airport and on the airplane, filled with calming, alternative music to keep me at ease. This playlist worked so well for me the first time I tried it out that I’ve begun to create even more traveling playlists since then, filled with different genres of music to keep me entertained on my travels. 


  1. “Jasmine” by DPR LIVE
  2. “Yam Yam” by No Vacation
  3. “Brazil” by Declan McKenna
  4. “Cooks” by Still Woozy
  5. “Cool With You” by Her’s
  6. “Little by Little” by The Marías
  7. “Erase” by Omar Apollo
  8. “Velvet Light” by Jakob
  9. “Dontcha” by The Internet
  10. “Imagination” by Foster The People

Music has a way of reducing your stress levels. While traveling, it can easily switch your anxious mood to a much more positive one. Therefore, if you’re traveling anytime soon, feel free to try out the multiple traveling playlists already online or get creative and make one of your own! I promise you won’t regret it!!