Cow-abunga: A Guide to the Coastal Cowgirl Aesthetic

Country music lovers, it’s your time to shine. Dust off your boots and strap on your hat. TikTok has popularized this spring’s newest fashion aesthetic: the coastal cowgirl. 

The #coastalcowgirl has 29.6 million views on TikTok, as of April 2023. This trend is exactly what it sounds like. Think of a cowgirl dismounting her horse and frolicking across a sandy beach. It’s all about unrestrictive fabrics and of course: western wear.

The coastal cowgirl evolved from its predecessor: the coastal grandmother. Known for capris and white linen, the coastal grandmother is all about comfort and class, while relaxing on the beach of course. Unite this with a Southern aesthetic and the coastal cowgirl is born. 

Coastal cowgirl leaves plenty of room for individual interpretation, which is what fashion is all about. Anything white linen, whether it’s a two-piece set, skirt, or a midi dress, works wonders for this trend. This linen shirt from Rihoas (for $27) perfectly encapsulates the coastal cowgirl vibe. PacSun has a breathable and laid-back linen set.

Image Source: Rihoas
Image Source: Pacsun
Image Source: Boho Pink

For a more casual look, any mid-wash jean material is the way to go. You can pair mid-wash jean shorts or a midi skirt with a white linen shirt for this trend. Or switch it up, pairing a jean top with linen bottoms. Windsor has a denim jumpsuit that’s a perfect example of the many ways in which you can adapt the coastal cowgirl look to match your style.

Of course, a cowgirl hat and boots are staples for this aesthetic. White or tan boots match nicely with this trend’s lighter color palette. Amazon has great options for cute and more affordable cowgirl boots. Up your coastal cowgirl game by adding a string of seashells and beads to your cowgirl hat. It also doubles as a fun activity to do with your friends!

Image Source: TikTok

PacSun’s denim vest and linen skirt, paired with tan cowgirl boots sums up this trend perfectly. 

Image Source: Pacsun

Will the coastal cowgirl trend last? Or is it only suitable for people who live near a beach? Either way, TikTok will probably be the judge of that.