How Diesel is Taking Over the Fashion World (Again)

Image Source: Runway Magazines

Every fashion icon in the 2000s had an item or two from Diesel in their closet, and decades later, we’ve come full circle. The Italian fashion house’s comeback is nostalgic, but it also showcases a brilliant transformation of the brand’s style as time went on. Thanks to the rise of social media and vintage fashion sites such as Depop and Vinted, Diesel has emerged into the spotlight once again with its trendy styles. 

In the 2000s, Diesel was known for their low-rise jeans and distressed denim, but with the popularity of high-rise jeans in previous years, the brand was forced to retreat into the shadows, with the US branch filing for bankruptcy in 2020. However, creative director Glenn Martins was not discouraged by the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the brand; in fact, he pushed Diesel to new heights that are unimaginable for a brand that seemed destined to fail only months ago. 

A key component of Diesel’s rebranding is its attention towards sustainability ethics. Its collections utilize a multitude of fabrics and materials as well as recycled trimming and non-toxic chemicals. Because sustainability and fighting against fast fashion are key concerns of the current generation, Diesel was able to market themselves toward a large audience who are eager to embrace the brand’s direction. 

The most important part of Diesel’s rebranding, however, has to be the brand’s incorporation of its logo into its designs. Many clothing items showcase a cut-out in the chest in the shape of the Diesel logo, which can be seen on items such as the M-Onerva tank, M-Clarksville-Lurex top, T-Angie shirt and more. Diesel’s logo can also be found on their D-Venus slingback pumps, which are popularly paired with jeans for a chic look, while the B-Berny belt skirt has also been popularized by many influencers. The D logo belt is also a closet essential that will compliment and elevate any outfit. Available in multiple colors and finishes, the 1-DR handbag has also become a trendy accessory and one of the brand’s most well-known items. 

Diesel’s revival is not only evidence of the ongoing comeback of Y2K fashion but also a brilliant example of how daring innovation can save and change a brand forever. Without a doubt, Diesel will continue to surprise the fashion industry and revolutionize the world around it with its bold designs.