Clean Beauty Products and Brands You Have to Try

Image from Pinterest

Clean beauty is taking over the makeup and skincare industries one product at a time. As someone that advocates for sustainable and clean beauty, I’ve dabbled in quite a few different brands and items. Even though I still use regular skincare and makeup products, I definitely see a positive difference in my skin when I use clean beauty products.


There’s been skepticism about clean beauty since it started being more widely used. People tend to think that it’s just a hoax and works similar to the placebo effect, or that it’s just another way for companies to make more money. But I’m here to say, don’t knock it till you try it! I used to have my doubts too, but I started researching the ingredients that were being used in clean vs. regular beauty products, and there is a huge difference between the two. So if you’re looking to start using more clean products or make your way into fully transitioning to clean beauty, here are some products and brands that I’ve been using that I swear by:


1. Youth To The People – Superfood Cleanser

Image from Youth to the People

I’ve used a lot of cleansers in my life, and this is by far my favorite one. Every time I use this cleanser, it leaves my skin glowing afterwards. It’s not only considered clean, but it’s cruelty free, and the bottle is recyclable too!


2. Farmacy Beauty – Honey Drop Lightweight Honey Face Moisturizer

Image from Farmacy

I use this moisturizer on no-makeup days, and those are always the days where I get the most compliments on my skin! It also doesn’t leave your face feeling sticky or gooey like a lot of other moisturizers do. This moisturizer also contains a few different superfoods too, which is a plus!


3. Fresh – Soy Makeup Removing Face Wash

Image from Sephora

I’ve started using this face wash in place of my Superfood cleanser when I wear makeup, and it is a lifesaver. My face is completely makeup-free at the end of the wash so I don’t have to waste makeup remover wipes and toner pads (using a toner after is always a good idea though). I can also use this without having to worry about my eyes burning when I’m removing my mascara!


Here are some more clean beauty brands to check out:

  1. Beautycounter
  2. Truly Beauty
  3. Versed
  4. Caudalie
  5. Indie Lee
  6. Drunk Elephant
  7. Biossance