How the Pandemic Has Changed My Style & Views on Fashion

Image from Pinterest


It’s been more than a year since the initial stay-at-home orders were announced in Los Angeles. With the rollout of the vaccine in these past few months, things have been slowly getting better—businesses have slowly started to re-open, people are going out again, and domestic travel is also picking up.


One thing that’s remained constant, though, is my newfound views on fashion. In addition, my sense of style has shifted as a result of the pandemic, and I don’t anticipate it reverting back anytime soon.


Read on to see how the pandemic has changed my style and views on fashion!


1. Comfort is Key

Image from Hollister

Prior to the pandemic, I still preferred comfortable clothing, as opposed to trendier pieces, but whenever I went out, I couldn’t resist dressing up, even if it meant sacrificing comfort. Nowadays, with the rise of loungewear, there are so many comfortable options that will still look super chic, even if worn out. I’ve been loving all of these super cute pieces from Hollister, SHEIN, and Urban Outfitters.


2. Less is More

Image from Aurate

On the note of comfort, I’ve also adjusted my style to incorporate a “less is more” style approach. I used to love accessorizing with lots of necklaces, bracelets, scarves—you name it! In actuality, most outfits look amazing already on their own and can be instantly elevated with the daintiest and most subtle jewelry pieces. I’ve been such a big fan of Aurate and Mejuri.


3. Loungewear and Workout-Wear Can Be Worn Out Too

Image from Lulus

One of my biggest takeaways is that loungewear and workout-wear can be worn out too! I used to feel a little self-conscious about wearing my gym clothes or loungewear out, but there are so many ways you can go about styling them so that they work for the occasion.


How has your style changed during the pandemic?