Bath and Body Works Candles = Heaven

Bath and Body Works is a heaven on earth. This store has everything that you could want or need for a little self-care and love. It has lotions, bath soaps, perfume, bubble bath, hand sanitizer, air fresheners — you name it! My absolute favorite thing that Bath and Body Works has to offer would have to be their candles! In my humble opinion, I believe that they have the best candles that I have ever seen and bought. Not only are the scents amazing, but the size and quality are phenomenal.

The candles have two different sizes: single wick and three wick. At regular price the single wick candles are $14.50 and the three wick candles are $24.50. When they are on sale, the single wick candles can be as low as $8. There are multiple sales for the three wick candles, such as two for $22 or the price of one being slashed to around $10.

Photo by Anica Armstrong

Having been exposed to the beauty of the Bath and Body Works candles, I would consider myself a bit of a candle connoisseur. I have a large selection of these candles and never miss a sale. The thing you have to be careful with is that candles can be addictive. Once you get into the habit of buying them you can’t stop! I at one point had over 20 candles in my collection. Now, I have been able to limit myself to owning no more than 12 at a given time.

Photo by Anica Armstrong

Overall, I believe candles are a wonderful investment. They are so relaxing and allow whatever space you put them in to have a wonderful smell. Though Bath and Body Works are pretty pricey at their regular price, you can never go wrong by waiting for a sale. Once that sale hits the store, stock up on as many candles as you can!