Breathe Easy

Candles are a great way to de-stress, refresh your space, or create ambiance in a room. There has been an influx lately of a new type of candle throughout stores such as Homegoods, Target, or even Urban Outfitters: candles made out of soy wax. I initially bought a soy candle because the color matched my room and it had a great scent, but I came to realize that there are actually many other benefits that come with these candles!

Photo by Audrey Wagner

For one, they are a sustainable alternative to the traditional candle that is made out of paraffin. This type of wax is derived from petroleum and made of straight-chain hydrocarbons, which burn off as a dark soot that can get into linens, stain walls, and most importantly lead to respiratory problems. However, there is never a need to worry about the chance of a headache or chemical aroma in the air with soy candles because the wax is made from soybean oil. Soybean oil is non-toxic and classified as clean burning.

Not only are soy candles a cleaner option for the human body, but they won’t increase the CO2 levels in the atmosphere like paraffin candles do and they don’t require chemicals to make the scent.

Photo by Audrey Wagner

Candles are exactly what you need to bring a warm, fresh presence into a room, or illicit a feeling of home and comfort. The next time you need a new candle make sure you read the label and find a soy wax candle because the numerous benefits are, without a doubt, worth every penny.