Anna Sitar

Image Source: The Howler

With the increase in the use of social media, especially the app Tik Tok, many influencers have been gaining fame with their teenage audience. One Tik Toker and Youtuber who is known to spread positivity and love among her fanbase is Anna Sitar. 

Anna Sitar is a graduate from Western Michigan University with a Bachelor of Engineering and is currently getting her master’s degree in Film and Television Production. She started creating 15-second videos on Tik Tok a few years ago and now has over 8 million followers. Her most popular videos are of her trying new Starbucks drinks. Her videos are entertaining because she has the Starbucks employees customize her drinks, rather than just doing a taste test of new drinks. For instance, she once made a video where she asked the employee to make her a drink based on a certain color or a certain holiday. This is a fun and unique way to learn about creative Starbucks drink combinations.

Anna also makes “get ready with me” videos that always spread happiness and joy. She films short clips of her getting ready in the morning to popular pop songs. After reading through comments that people write on her videos, many people feel motivated to wake up and get ready in the mornings after watching her video. She is always smiling and has taught many girls, including myself, to always be confident and be yourself. I recommend that everyone watches Anna Sitar on Tik Tok.

Source: “Anna Sitar” | Famous Birthdays