Therapy: A Leap of Faith

Image Source: Grammarly

Therapy seems like a scary word. Its connotation can be negative, and I’ve felt all of the following from it: something is wrong with me, serious, bad issues, crazy, can’t keep myself together, sad, messed up. While therapy can be a scary leap of faith for some of us, it can be life-changing and can improve our lives greatly. Whether you are going for a mental health issue (like me) or to just simply go, putting your life in the hands of someone who just talks to you seems odd. But having someone to talk to and give you professional advice and aid can really help you turn a corner.

I have struggled with depression and anxiety for the majority of my life, but going to a therapist has helped me greatly. In fact, my biggest mistake I’ve made when it comes to therapy is that I used to stop going when I “felt better.” Ultimately, if you’re someone like me, even when you do start feeling better, you should still go to your therapist, just less often, until a negative wave hits you again. Adjust your therapy schedule to reflect your mental needs, and you will find some stability; that leap of faith will become worth it.

I understand how intimidating therapy seems. Long ago I didn’t want to go because I didn’t want to admit that I needed it. But now I tell everyone about therapy, and even write articles like this one to express my gratitude for it. I encourage you to take the leap of faith to improve your mental health. After all, the worst that can come from it is that you tried to better yourself, and that’s not bad at all.