Harmful Phrases to LBGTQ+

Image Source: Read it Forward

Our lifestyle takes many forms, including the way we dress and eat, but also how we speak. Our words have significant weight even when we don’t even realize it, and sometimes we can hurt others. Here are some phrases that you should not say to people in the LGBTQ+ community, and in general:


I’ve heard this phrase be used as a joke when someone can’t tell if a person is a guy or a girl. However, this is a humophobic slur; it is mostly used as a derogatory term against transgender women to deny their identity. All in all, just don’t use this commentit’s disrespectful to whoever you are saying it to.

“You don’t seem gay/bisexual/transgender/pansexual/etc…”

This comment can be made from an oblivious standpoint, and some people don’t even think twice about saying this when they find out someone identifies as LGBTQ+. However, to the person it’s directed at, it feels as if they are expected to look and act a certain way; it reiterates stereotypes indirectly and does other damage. Sometimes it almost feels as if it’s supposed to be a compliment, which is also harmful.

“That’s so gay”

This is something that I’m sure all of you have been told not to say. Despite this, it is still a phrase that is used too often today as an insult. Why even say “that’s so gay”? It portrays being gay as negative, embrasssing, or wrong. I’ve even heard people say “I don’t mean it that way.” Then what way do you mean it? “It’s just a joke” also doesn’t change the fact that it’s still harmful.

There are many more phrases that are detrimental to the LGBTQ+ community. Ask your friends  about it if they’re comfortablekeeping in mind they don’t know everythingand educate yourself with other sources.