3 Fun Food Hacks to Try Out this Summer

Image Source: 123rf.com

Summer is more than halfway over, meaning that most people have close to a month to get everything checked off their list for the season. While this time of year is usually an occasion for swimming, camping, or just relaxing, there is also an opportunity to try out new things no matter how small or big they are. For example, summer is the perfect time to eat new foods or experiment with food items that you are familiar with. Here are a few quirky or hidden ways to eat food you can try out before the start of the school year. 

1. Fruit Ice Cubes

Image Source: eatsamazing.co

For an easy way to switch up or update your refreshing drinks, freeze ice cubes with fruit in them. You just need an ice tray and fruit. The fruit can be anything that you like such as raspberries or kiwi. You can put your fruit in water or other liquids like lemonade, sparkling water, or juice. When they’re ready, pop some cubes in your drink. As they melt in the heat, enjoy the fruity taste.

2. Air Fryer Brownies 

Image Source: myforkinglife.com

Want to make a small batch of a classic sweet treat? Make some air fryer brownies for yourself. You can make your own batter or use box mix. Once your batter is poured into a bowl or ramekin, put it in the preheated air fryer. Bake for roughly 15 minutes before taking them out. There are recipes online that you can follow, or you can check out TikTok as this recipe once trended on the platform. 

3. Boxed Cake Mix Dip

Image Source: lmld.org

The final hack combines aspects of the two previous ideas: an easy recipe and box mix. For this suggestion, turn regular box mix into an edible dip. The simplest version of this food is to follow the instructions on the box but don’t put eggs in the mixture. If you want a thicker consistency, look online for other recipes. Many suggest adding cream cheese or whipped toppings. Use anything you’d like to dip in the mix. I would recommend animal crackers and pretzels.