Women’s History Month: Ariana Grande’s Iconic Style

Happy Women’s History Month! In honor of this lovely month, I wanted to bring attention to one of my role models, Ariana Grande, for her fashion style and the way she empowers others. 

Ariana’s iconic and unique style has greatly influenced the fashion industry. Certain fashion aesthetics, such as the high ponytail and thigh-high boots, are her signature, so I’ll be sharing some of my favorite looks of hers in this article!

Photo from Glamour
Photo from pbuyvip
Photo from Harper’s Bazaar
Photo from hypebae
Photo from Buzzfeed
Photo from Laura Bora

What makes Ariana able to rock every single outfit is the fact that she absolutely owns her sense of style. Whether she is wearing an oversized hoodie or a tiny skirt and bralette, her confidence shines. Next time you find yourself wanting to wear a long shirt with thigh-high boots, try channeling Ariana’s confidence, too!