Take a Hike: How to Dress for Adventure!

One of my favorite ways to spend vacations is to get more in touch with nature and the great outdoors. However, wearing the wrong outfit can sometimes put a damper on a fun hike

In the hands-down most physically challenging hike of my life, I climbed up Norway’s Preikestolen, which was an incredibly steep walk that rose almost 2,000 feet. I originally planned to wear an outfit consisting of navy blue athletic leggings with sheer patches, a black tank top, and a thin but fuzzy jacket. However, barely ten minutes into the hike, I knew I wouldn’t be able to last like that. The freezing humidity was soaking through my jacket, chilling my bones so intensely that the sweat I built up from the hike couldn’t keep me warm. Luckily, my mom let me borrow one of her poofy waterproof vests, which helped me stay warmer for the rest of the hike. From then on, I always remembered to check the weather before planning my outfits for a trip!

Just because you are watching the weather though doesn’t mean you can’t look chic while hiking. There are plenty of brands that sell cute and functional clothing built for adventures. I recommend checking out Patagonia, Columbia, and LuLu Lemon.

Roxanne De Guzman