Support the AAPI Community

Image via Change Lives

AAPI stands for “Asian American and Pacific Islander.” The AAPI community has recently been a major target of racism. As an Asian American myself, I am disappointed in the inexcusable harassment and violence that the Asian community has been facing. I believe in inclusion and peace without racism. As a society, we have to better our nation and world by showing support for each other, no matter what. There are many ways we can show our love and support for the AAPI community during this challenging time. 

Support local AAPI businesses: There are many Asian-owned businesses that need your support, whether they are clothing companies or restaurants. There is a local café down the street from me that I like to visit and support often. The business owners and I have made a real connection and become friends from my frequent visits! Some clothing brands that give back to the AAPI community are Haerfest, Asian American Girl Club, and Pearl River Mart.

Raise awareness: Join your local AAPI community in raising awareness about the recent crimes against Asian Americans. Use your voices peacefully to stop the hate crimes. Spread information about this issue and help educate the public. Use social media and conversation and rally!

Donate: Make donations to charities. One of the most popular AAPI charities is called “Stop AAPI Hate.” They use the donated money to make safer environments and help those facing or who have faced hate crimes against them. I’ve learned that with donations, even the smallest amount can help make a big difference.

Remember to show your love and support for the AAPI community during this time. Thousands of people are being impacted by xenophobia and hate crimes, and this has to end. Please go out and show your appreciation to the Asian community. Most importantly, be kind to all, no matter their background and no matter their race! Everyone needs to contribute to making our society a healthier, safer, and better place for all.