Spring Break Basics

Image source: Jocelyn Martinez

Spring Break seems to pass by so quickly, so what can you do during the fleeting week of freedom? Easy. Embrace the sun, lack of work, and, most importantly, the good company around you.

1. Road Trip

One great and basic way to spend spring break is to do some road tripping. You can take a trip to a nearby state or head straight to the border for some beautiful beaches and sceneries. Baja California for example has some beautiful sunsets and beaches. Coming from California, the drive is only a few hours and definitely worth the time spent. The soothing sounds of the water hitting the rocks and beautiful views of nature will totally change your mindset.

2. Bonfires

You can also go to the beach or someone’s backyard and start a bonfire. The warmth of the fire, some good music playing in the back, and having friends all around will make this spring break a memorable one. There’s nothing more special than an intimate bonfire with your closest friends.

Image source: Jocelyn Martinez

3.  Beach

Go to the beach at night! The piers are beautiful and alive at night. The arcade games will reel you in, and the night life is loud and addicting. Not to mention that it’s the perfect spot to take pictures.

Spring break is only a week long, so make sure to embrace every day of it. Yes, you could simply use it to catch up on sleep–but try making memories that you will remember for a lifetime instead. Friends and fun activities make for a spring break you’ll never forget.