Social Media as the Future

Image Source: Tara Mann

Social media is here to stay. There is no escaping it at this point, and honestly, there is no need to. Social media tends to get a bad rap but it really does have a lot to offer. Whether you are trying to brand yourself, generate awareness for a topic, or simply learn more about something, social media can help.

As someone who does not use social media very much, I originally had a hard time seeing the good in it. I did not understand the temptation to constantly post about what you are doing or where you are. Even now, most of my social media accounts are idle. As I have grown and entered the adult world, however, I have seen time and time again how important social media is.

Employers are looking for potential employees fluent in the languages of social media with increasing interest. People are given amazing opportunities just by building an appealing profile. For example, many people are being paid to advertise products on their Instagram or YouTube or Twitter accounts.

Slowly, I am beginning to use social media more frequently as I am noticing how important it is now. One of my professors at Chapman University runs a personal branding company and keeps emphasizing the impact social media can have; he even made a Snapchat group with us. As long as you take advantage of it correctly, social media can really be a good thing. After all, it is the future. And no one should be left behind.