Rihanna’s Diversification of the Beauty Industry

Before the launch of Fenty Beauty in 2017, there weren’t many brands that catered to people of color, more specifically to Black women. Many brands that existed before Fenty rarely included people of color in their campaigns or made products for darker skin tones. 
Photo from Alizila
Rihanna paved the way for other brands to diversify their products as they immediately followed suit. Rihanna’s desire to diversify the beauty industry is genuine; each product is designed to fit all, and her campaigns feature unique people of all ethnicities and backgrounds. 
Fenty stands out from the crowd because it has brought significant awareness to the deep-seated racism in the beauty industry and demonstrated how important it is to create high-quality products with a high color pay-off for all skin tones. An expanded shade range is a huge advantage as it increases demand by reaching wider clientele. 
Photo from Medium
Fenty is popular among makeup wearers because it accommodates all audiences; those who like to experiment with bright, colorful makeup, as well as those who prefer natural shades. Fenty has helped thousands of people feel heard, confident, and represented.