Review: Yikes

Image Source: Def Jam Recordings

Becoming a controversial figure, Kanye West’s new album, “Ye,” seems to be a rushed together amend for his questionable statements–for example, his retort that slavery was a “choice.” However, Yeezy’s song, “Yikes,” is a reflection on his personal life.

Co-written by Drake, West uses the song to address the opioid epidemic and tackles his inner demons by even admitting that “sometimes [he] scare[s] myself”. The song opens with a steady bass, laying the foundation for the upbeat verses, and the production conveys drastically opposite vibes. The ghostly background suggests a panicked state while the overall production is reflective of a carefree party song. Perhaps this juxtaposition is a metaphor for West’s life: he struggled with mental health issues and the trouble that fame brought. As the song moves along, Kanye’s attempts to destigmatize mental health; he addresses his bipolar disorder as a superpower, rather than a disability.

Overall, “Yikes” is a darker song that is still trivial enough to enjoy without pondering its meaning.