Review: Say So

Image Source: Genius

“Say So” is one of the many tracks from Doja Cat’s latest album, Hot Pink. Doja Cat sings that she is trying to be very flirty and would like to be recognized. She wants her partner to tell her what to do and she wants to say that she is submissive to their will. The phrase “say so” is repeated every two lines in the chorus, emphasizing this. 

As the song starts, you feel as if you are transported back into the 2010s’ era of bubblegum pop. Synths and the percussion beat slowly become louder as the song starts to set in. As soon as Doja hits the track, she just adds to the insane grooviness of the song. Doja Cat’s versatility of her vocal abilities never fail to amaze me. It’s as if she can hone in on a broad variety of genres and give it her own Cat signature, with “Say So” being bubblegum pop. As it transitions to the first verse, the vibes don’t stop. Instead, she is now singing at a relatively lower pitch but adds harmonies to give more depth to her sound. Her second verse is a more traditional rap verse but it provides a good balance to her singing.

“Say So” is a groovy treat to listen to. If you haven’t checked out Doja Cat yet, I would definitely at least give this song a listen.