Red is the New Black

Typically, black is my go-to color for fashion. I love to pair fun patterns with black accents, or even emulate Princess Diana and feel powerful in all black. Black is classic but simple, which is why I decided to experiment with a new color.  Many women have rocked blues and purples lately, but I also love seeing a woman in red.
Photo from Shein
While looking for statement pieces, since red is a bold and powerful color, I came across this plunging, velvet dress. A dress like this is one that I feel would give me unlimited confidence. I feel like the sexiest woman alive when wearing a long, fitted dress and heels. 
Photo from Tobi
Since I was on the mission to find bold pieces, I also came across this red pantsuit. When looking for something that fits a variety of styles, I feel that a pantsuit would allow for different accessories for different personalities.
If you decide that you love black as much as I do, wearing red accessories is a great alternative, and red heels are the magic accessory to any outfit. 
Photo from Lulus
A pair of rounded, lace-up heels is my preference, but square-toed heels are also very popular. Regardless, pairing a bold heel with a fun or classy outfit seems to work for any occasion, whether it be for a night out with the girls or another day at work. 
There are many colors that you can choose as a bright accessory (or main event) piece. Regardless of the color that you choose, if you wear it with confidence it will be just as bold.