Mike’s Mic: A Must Watch Pop Culture Based YouTube Channel

Image Source: YouTube

Looking for a fun YouTube channel to start watching? Interested in pop culture, fandom, and all things entertainment? Need easily consumable media? Then Mike’s Mic is the content creator for you.  

Mike’s Mic—a channel created by Australian YouTuber Michael Messineo— hosts videos about a variety of topics such as his personal meme collection, the story behind certain celebrity and reality television dramas, and popular TV shows and movies from the past ten to twenty years. Messineo will pick a subject and bring in all sorts of information connected to the matter. For example, in a video titled “A journey through the celeb app graveyard,” the YouTuber looked into the companies behind celebrity apps, the profits made from these endeavors, and why the trends eventually died. Even though his videos are comprised of fluffier, more lighthearted content, there is still research backing the claims he makes. 

Another reason to view Mike’s Mic (other than Messineo’s fantastic personality) is the difference in length of his many clips. If you like short, punchier videos, then you can watch the seven-to-fifteen-minute-long clips. If you prefer deep dive content, he has longer videos as well, like his three-part, over six hours long series on the show Pretty Little Liars. There are also recordings between thirty minutes to an hour-long if you gravitate toward YouTube videos of that length. Mike’s Mic has so much to offer and pick and choose from.  

If you have the time and desire to do so, check out Mike’s Mic and his fast-paced, high-energy content. You won’t regret it.