Magical Gifts for the Holidays

Beauty and skincare treats are the perfect gifts. They come in a wide variety of price points and everyone will appreciate tokens of self-care! For this holiday season, I urge you to try a new small business or support a small business you’ve liked before. Here are a couple of gems I’ve come across in my beauty browsing.

Photo from Fat and the Moon

Fat and the Moon All Cream is a thick and luxurious body lotion. Their formula provides hydration and moisture to damaged skin, which is much needed in the wintertime. At $18 for a 2oz jar, it will last several months with great results. This is a holistic wellness and beauty brand that has several hidden treasure products.

Photo from Bésame Cosmetics

Bésame Cosmetics is a successful cosmetics company that creates retro-inspired beauty products. Among their wares are flat pan mascaras, deep rouges, and perfect red lipsticks. Their packaging is adorable and all on-theme with 1930s pin-up styling. This company is still on the smaller side, but their products are made with quality. They are the perfect gift for that glamorous someone that has a thing for vintage. I personally recommend the crème rouges as they pack a lot of pigment in an adorable tin!

Photo from The Earthling Co.

The Earthling Co. has some wonderful treat-yourself products for reasonable prices. I highly recommend their conditioner bars, which are solid conditioner soap in an array of fun scents and colors. These hardened hair products create so much less packaging and eco waste. They’re also perfect for slipping into a holiday stocking for the morning. 

I hope these products make your shopping a little bit more fun!