Loving Animals

Image via St. Theresa Catholic School

Most people cherish all manner of pets. Pets are wonderful to have, but sometimes that isn’t feasible for any number of reasons. If you are someone who adores animals but cannot own one yourself, here are some suggestions to satisfy that urge to shower an animal with love:

  1. Visit an animal shelter. Most shelters are happy to allow visitors to give attention to the animals they house there. The animals love it, too; every animal needs love. As if you needed another reason, is there any better feeling than sitting in a room surrounded by a dozen furry cats or fluffy dogs?
  2. Volunteer. Most shelters are always looking for volunteers to clean cages, feed the animals, or simply spend time with them. Some places will let you rent a dog and walk it around town, which is great for the dog and yourself to get some exercise.
  3. Hang out with friends who have pets. Sometimes going to a shelter isn’t enough, so find a friend with the kind of pet you enjoy and pay them a visit. The pet will almost always relish the extra attention, and who knows? Maybe your friend will need you to pet-sit sometime since they know you can handle it; now you’ll have even more pet-time all to yourself!

Animals are one of the most incredible things about this world. They make people happy in so many ways. If you love pets but you can’t have one, don’t give up. There are always ways to interact with the animals you love.