Living in the Present

Image via Pocket Mindfulness

The year of 2020 was one filled with ups and downs and twists and turns. It made all of our lives difficult and we had no choice but to adjust. Through all the negatives, we learned to focus on the positives. The little things began to shine through, and while we weren’t able to make big travel plans, go to gatherings, or visualize our futures due to all the uncertainty, everything became about living in the present. Life can sometimes feel like you’re zooming through a never-ending street filled with blurred lights and muffled music. You see everything from a distance, and yet you don’t really live it as you pass through. The year of 2020 quite literally made the entire world pause. We were forced to stay home and find contentment in spending time with as few people as possible. And for a time everything slowed and we lived day by day, not knowing what was next. Even now that 2020 has passed and we welcome 2021, we still have an uncertain future. But we now know what it is like to live in the moment and cherish all the little things. After all, life is about experiencing those small moments and making memories. Although the year was hard, it was an eye-opening experience that made us stronger and enabled us to combat whatever else life throws our way.