Keeping Straight(ish) Hair Healthy

Image Source: Real Simple

Not to brag or anything, but I’ve had many people—including my hairdressers—tell me that my hair is very healthy. I’m sure you’ve read tons of articles or posts about keeping hair healthy, and I’m sure you might have heard a couple things I’m going to talk about, but I thought I would share my tips for it anyway! Keep in mind that everyone’s hair type is different; my hair is slightly wavy but mostly straight. 

One thing I try to do is not wash my hair everyday. Doing this will help your hair by not stripping the natural oils that keep your hair healthy. 

Another tip I suggest is to use heat on your hair as little as possible. I almost never straighten my hair anymore, nor do I blow dry it. I have noticed how much thicker and healthier my hair has been within the last couple years because of this, and it has really helped! If you are someone who still uses heat, then I suggest buying some kind of spray that can protect your hair. 

This last habit is a small but a good one. Try to buy hair ties that pull out your hair the least if you’re someone who uses them; this can prevent ripping out your hair, so make sure to test out some different kinds of hair ties! 

I hope that some of these tips have been useful, and that you’ll use them in the future.