Invest in Your Skin

I have made it a point to cover my face in sunscreen my whole life, as the UV rays take a toll on my face, most frequently ending up with a peeling nose.

Whether or not you can see the immediate repercussions of unprotected skin exposure or not, one thing remains true: without including the proper sunscreen in your everyday routine, you are sure to see some unwanted negative long term effects.

During the summer I make sure to invest in the most protective products that are loaded with sunscreen.

For the past few summers, my go-to foundation has become the IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream with SPF 50. It is sold online for about $40 in a 32mL tube, which is a very generous amount and is sure to last the entire summer if not for a few months after that!

This formula has a pretty thin consistency but the coverage is immaculate. I love the color correction aspect which I use to even out all of the redness and uneven parts of my skin.

I personally don’t feel the need to wear heavy makeup very frequently during the summer months, but on the occasion that I do, this sunscreen packed product is the best thing for all-day coverage.

I feel comfortable going out for lunch, to the beach, or even just driving with the windows down knowing that my face is completely safe from any damaging UVA or UVB rays.