Hit the Gym Before You Hit the Library

Image Source: Pexel

If you aren’t already back at school, chances are you’re about to start in the upcoming month.
Back to school means stress, late nights and a general lack of health. One of the best ways to
combat the freshman fifteen is getting into an exercise routine before school starts. By starting
(or at least thinking about) exercising right before school starts, it will be much easier to keep up
with a fitness routine and stay healthy once your schedule becomes a hectic free-for-all. I know
exercising might seem like the last thing on your mind in these last few weeks of summer, but
here are some reasons why you should make it a priority.

Everyone’s schedule is starting to get more jam packed, and it will only get busier once school
starts. You need to be able to clear your head from all of your stressful commitments and take
time to focus on yourself. There’s no better way to show self love then by focusing on your
health and making sure you’re in good shape. When you get scatter brained and can’t focus, hit
the gym to clear your head.

As you grow older, your metabolism slows down and it becomes much easier to gain weight. It’s
especially important to focus on your health as you enter college because not only does your
metabolism slow down, but you start eating worse and staying up later. Just by going to the gym
and putting in minimal effort, you are more inclined to notice the other health decisions you are
making. It makes you want to eat healthier because you will start caring more about your
fitness. You only have one body, so take care of it and prioritize your health!

If my previous reasons about getting in shape and clearing your head didn’t catch your
attention, then start working out just to make a statement when you go back to school. Impress
your friends with your healthy lifestyle and toned muscles by going to the gym. Not only will you
look and feel better, you’ll have more energy and will sleep better at night.

Once school starts it’s easy to neglect your health, but there are so many reasons why you
should prioritize exercise. It doesn’t matter what you do, just put in the effort to get active.