Four Business Casual Ideas For The Workplace!

A “business casual” dress code keeps you feeling comfortable while looking professional for educational presentations, workplaces, interviews, and more. For advice on arranging a business casual look for women, Tiktok users showcase suitable fits and how to style them, which include the following four garments. 

  1. Blazer Jackets
Source: Shein

Appropriate for dressing up or down, blazers are the more casual version of a suit jacket. They can be worn on top of a blouse, shirt, tank top, or bodysuit. For women, Nordstrom’s website dedicates a section to blazers which sell for prices as low as $30. Nordstrom’s “Relaxed Fit Oversize Blazer” for $79 comes in four colors–tan, silver, burgundy, black–and contains padded shoulders for a clean, crisp look. 

Like Nordstrom, Macy’s website has a “Blazer” section with over 500 options. The “Lightweight Knit ¾ Sleeve Blazer” for $35.70 offers a more comfortable fit, with shorter sleeves for breathable room and spandex material for flexibility. 

Cheaper blazers can be found on Amazon, such as “Merokeety’s casual blazer” for $40.99, or on Shein, such as the “Plaid Print Double Breasted Blazer” for $35.49 with pearl buttons to accessorize it.

  1. Bodysuits 
Source: Old Navy

Although not entirely business-appropriate when worn on their own, with a proper blazer and pant set, bodysuits are a perfect business casual garment. For example, Tiktok user @emilyynasser published a video that shows viewers different ways that she customizes long and short-sleeved bodysuits with pants, blazers, and sweaters. User @maddison__lynn shows how she customizes a seamless bodysuit for workwear. 

Fashion Nova sells a long-sleeve bodysuit with a U-shaped cut for $10, offered in brown, black, white, and more. Old Navy offers a long-sleeve bodysuit that’s rib-knit and square-necked for $12. Express, a company that generally sells more formal attire, offers strapless, lace, high neck, long-sleeve, and short-sleeve bodysuits, such as the $68 “Fitted Ponte V-Neck Puff Sleeve Bodysuit,” for a classy work look. 

  1. Pantsuits 
Source: Macy’s

Pantsuits can tie an entire look together with sophisticated matching jackets and bottoms. Macy’s “Calvin Klein One-Button Blazer, Pleated Blouse & Trousers”  suit a professional work look–one that’s simple, sleek, and appropriate for a business setting. Their “Tommy Hilfiger Faux-Suede Blazer & Ankle Pants” in the colors cognac and midnight offers a pantsuit that’s business casual and comfortable for a long day at work. 

Lyst sells a variety of pantsuits, all ranging from color to pant length to sleeve length and more! The $34 “Boohoo Orange Tailored Blazer and Self Fabric Belt Pants Suit” offers a relaxed look with the flowing blazer, yet a boss-like appearance with the pant belt buckle. 

  1. Trouser Pants 
Source: Loft

For a long 9 to 5 work day, looking business appropriate is important, yet so is comfortability. Rather than wearing casual blue jeans or underdressed leggings for bottoms, trouser pants are the most suitable option. Comfortable trouser pants can be found on Lulus website, such as the “Kick It High-Waisted Trouser Pants” for $42, offered in colors like gray, beige, pink, and burgundy. Another option are Loft’s “Gem Tab Waist Trouser Pants” for $23.95 in plaid.