Fall TV Shows and Movies

Image Source: consequence.net

During fall, I love watching the Halloween and Thanksgiving themed episodes of my favorite TV shows. It gets me into the mood of the season and brings me joy.

The first TV show with fall episodes that I love to watch is Gossip Girl—I especially love its Thanksgiving specials. I first watched Gossip Girl when I started high school, and since then, I rewatch the Thanksgiving episodes every fall. These episodes make me feel nostalgic and get me excited for the fall season. Of all the Thanksgiving episodes, my all-time favorite is “The Treasure of Serena Madre.” If you have not yet seen Gossip Girl, I recommend watching it, especially for the Thanksgiving episodes.

Another TV show with amazing fall episodes is New Girl. New Girl has a variety of Halloween and Thanksgiving episodes that have me falling out of my seat laughing. This show has always cheered me up after a long day of school and work; rewatching the fall episodes gets me into a Halloween spirit while making me feel light and happy. My favorite fall episode of New Girl is titled “Halloween” and it is in the second season.

Although this is not a TV show, rewatching the Harry Potter series always puts me in the fall spirit. I love watching these movies while fall-scented candles are lit. My favorite fall-scented candles are pumpkin spice and cinnamon. I also love eating Pillsbury Ready to Bake Pumpkin and Ghost sugar cookies while watching Harry Potter.