Be Smart with Your Senioritis

Image source: Jasmine Liu

Bees are buzzing, the sun is peeking from the sky, and senioritis is in full bloom. Whether you’re in high school or in college, senioritis can hit you hard. Missing lectures, forgetting homework, and coming to class in sweatpants are the common symptoms of this incurable phase in the life of a student.

Although senioritis is considered a negative thing, it’s understandable why it happens and is really not all that bad. At this point, you’ve either gotten into college, gotten a job, or know what you’re doing. Your brain knows it still has work to do, but your body is saying “There’s more out there!” Not to mention that this “more” can mean anything from sleep and Netflix to adventure and new opportunities. Moving on from the past can be challenging and senioritis may help the process a bit so you don’t go from 100 to 0 too quickly. So if you sleep in a little or want to wear sweatpants, more power to you!

The one issue with indulgence is overindulgence. Eating a slice of cake is all fun and games until you eat five more slices. It’s the same with senioritis. You can miss a couple classes or assignments but when you straight up stop showing up for classes and neglecting your responsibilities, that’s when there’s a problem. Like everything in life, there’s power in balance. Maybe you don’t work as hard as you did junior year, and that’s okay. But don’t give it all up, so quickly! Before you know it, you’ll be throwing your cap up in the air and you won’t be able to be in this time of your life anymore.

Whatever you do, make your senior year count.