A Day in Shanghai, China

Sometimes, it takes more than just a few weeks to fall in love with a city. A few years, even. When I first moved to Shanghai from Hong Kong, my eight year old self was unsure of how to come to terms with the relocation. I always saw Shanghai as a massive city fit solely for entrepreneurs and successful businessmen, with no place for a kid to establish a childhood. The entire city seemed to be comprised of skyscrapers and office buildings. Whilst Shanghai still stands as the heart of industry and business in Asia, I have come to learn that there are many other wonders this city has to offer. 

For those who are fans of the 90’s TV show “Friends”,you will be glad to hear that Shanghai has also embraced this fan favourite and opened its own themed café! Inside, they have a continuous showing of episodes from all seasons, so customers can enjoy a cup of coffee whilst reminiscing upon old “Friends” moments. Aside from the walls adorned with pictures and quotes from the show, the shop also boasts a replica of the iconic orange couch. It’s easy to get lost in time at this café, as I have found myself spending entire afternoons enjoying coffee with friends.

Image Source: Wingkiu Leung

For those who love shopping and strolling around malls, downtown Shanghai, more specifically the Bund area, is an absolute must. Although the prices are slightly higher than other areas of the city, the views of the Bund certainly compensate. A nice walk along the Yellow river is how most people choose to enjoy the view of the Shanghai harbour. There are alternative ways to see Shanghai, such as paying 50 RMB (8 USD) to take a ride on the sightseeing tunnel. Furthermore, downtown Shanghai also boasts various malls which seem to be a hit amongst both tourists and locals alike. For example, there is the IFC mall (International Finance Centre), which is definitely on the pricier side but offers high-end brands and breathtaking views of the city. Neighbouring the IFC mall is the Super Brand mall, which is a bigger, more affordable version of IFC. The list of things to do at the Bund is endless, but I would highly recommend taking an afternoon to explore this area.

Image Source: TripAdvisor

One of the most popular nightlife activities in Shanghai would definitely be Karaokeing. There are many chain stores that offer Karaoke rooms for a very affordable price. Once the numbers are split between five or six people, the price tends to average around 10 USD per person. As most of you may know, singing is a very addicting activity, as one Karaoke session usually lasts well until one in the morning. In addition, it can be a great calorie burner!