Yummy Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here, which means it’s time for all things fun, loving—and sweet! If you enjoy indulging in sweets, here are some ideas and resources you may not have heard of before.

Are you someone who enjoys baking and decorating cakes? You have to look into Sprinkle Pop. Sprinkle Pop has an arsenal of sprinkle combinations with different colors, shapes, and flavor options! If you need a little extra help, try out their cupcake kits. If you’re not a baker, but you know someone who is, send them a gift set!


For all the honey lovers out there, check out the Carmel Honey Company. As a former 5th-grade homework assignment turned successful business, it is sure not to disappoint! All the honey is locally-sourced in Monterey County. Not only does the company have a sweet story behind it, but it also offers other goodies as well. Some of them include teas, soaps, lip balms, and even dog treats!


A lot of the time, we can forget to have fun with our desserts! Here are some tricks you can try. If you’re making a pie, experiment with the top layer of dough to make some fun designs. With some patience and foresight, it can be super easy and enjoyable. It makes it so much more exciting to finally dig in!