You’re Beautiful Because You’re YOU

Image via StyleCraze

We all come in different shapes and sizes, and that’s what makes each of us unique and beautiful in our own way. Living in a media-focused society makes it inevitable to want to compare people. It’s no surprise that mental health is deteriorating on all levels.

It’s human nature to want to compare oneself to others, and social media has made it exponentially easier and more efficient to do so. As women, we’re supposed to be “one size fits all.” We’re taught that you have to be skinny, but not too skinny; curvy, but not too curvy. The rules go on and on. And it’s not just women! Men face similar difficulties. Men are supposed to be strong, muscular. Men can’t be emotional, weak, scrawny.

Insecurities are ever-growing. No one nowadays seems to be content with who they are. We’re given an image of “beauty,” and somehow, someway, we’re all supposed to fit into this “beauty” to be accepted.

But I want you to know that we all come in different shapes and sizes. Some of us are smaller than others. Some of us are larger than others. Both are completely ok. They’re actually more than ok. I think it’s beautiful and amazing that we are created to be different. Beauty is not physical. Beauty comes from within. Find things you love about yourself. Find things that make you feel proud and confident, and hold onto those.

It’s time to start appreciating all bodies, all shapes. It’s time to stop letting the media dictate what we should be.