Young and Repetitive


Image Source: ABC Freeform

Freeforms’s Young and Hungry has a solid first two seasons, but starts to falter after that and becomes incredibly redundant. Following Gabi, who is hired by billionaire Josh, to be his personal chef, the show revolves around the two as they struggle with their relationship; how do they remain friendly and professional while both of them want to be with each other?

The strongest characters are Gabi’s coworkers, Yolanda and Elliot; the two could not be more different and their constant bickering adds much needed charm to the show. The plot itself is a bit repetitive; Gabi and Josh get together, then break up, and when they try to get back together again, something stops them. After this, Gabi and Josh find their way back to one another, and the process starts all over again. This will-they-or-won’t-they is executed poorly and starts to get old after three seasons.

Because of this, Young and Hungry is quite boring, and not really worth the watch.