XOXO, Your Quarantine Valentine

Welcome to your first Valentine’s Day during the CoronaVirus pandemic! Though this isn’t an immensely joyous milestone, we can certainly make the most of it. A typical day of love might involve a fancy restaurant, a new adventure, or stereotypical Valentines luxuries. If you happen to be looking for ways to keep that usual magic alive, don’t worry! Here are local and cheap ways you can pamper your loved one. 

$20 Challenge: Set a small price limit and challenge each other to get as many things that remind you of the other. Is it snacks? A silly pair of fuzzy socks? Some useful stationary? Visiting Target, the Dollar Store, or WalMart might produce more treasures than you could imagine. A twist on this challenge is to match each other item for item– get each other’s favorite food, favorite color, favorite game, etc. It makes for a fun gift exchange! 

Dinner for Two: Although it might not be safe to splurge at a restaurant this year, you can still create a romantic meal and experience right from home. With the wonders of take-out food and a couple of strings of fairy lights, you can set up a pleasant ambience and enjoy your favorite food. Whether it be Raising Cane’s, expensive italian food, or a homemade meal, it might be even more special to share your food in a private and personal venue. 

Get Crafty: As money might be tight in these difficult times, finding other ways to give gifts might be necessary. One easy and cheap way to do this is to create something homemade! Taking a trip to Jo-Ann’s, Michaels, or other local stores with craft supplies will yield things like picture frames, scrapbooks, or painting supplies that can be the start to a touching present. Often it is the thing we make with our own hands and comes from our own hearts that makes the most impact, not the things that break the bank. 

No matter how different your Valentine’s Day looks this year, the most important thing is to share the love you have in your heart with those around you (and with yourself). We could all use a little extra!