Writing Solo

Image Source: ThinkWritten

As everyone knows, social media has its pros and cons. Unrealistic expectations, toxic interactions, and drama run rampant. But like anything, social media is a tool to wield, so writers are incorporating it into their communities in the hopes of using it for good. 

Most positively, social media has the ability to normalize lifestyles and experiences, something that can make authors feel less alone. Being a more solitary pursuit, it is easy to put pressure on oneself to achieve great things in a few short hours or write with superhuman speed. The harmful expectations that come from working in a vacuum can be remedied by one person’s simple post about having grace for a less productive day or fighting imposter syndrome. By one person sharing their experience, another can be encouraged by a shared feeling or inspired to continue working at their craft! 

I have personally taken advantage of the tips and tricks writers post about topics ranging from “Tips to Avoid Procrastination,” “How to Write Shy Characters,” or “Describing Physical Appearance.” Collections like these on Instagram are useful for subjects I don’t personally know about and especially if I am creating a character very different from myself. Finding out new details about different cultures and lifestyles helps make me a more diverse and accurate author! 

Finally, social media offers the chance for small-time writers to get their names out there. When scrolling through Tik Tok, I pass video after video of people sharing their latest project or getting creative with their promotion tactics. Sometimes, these self-published authors go viral and experience a big break that helps kick start their career and bring more attention to their craft. Though this isn’t the case for everyone, the lucky few who stumble upon internet success can take advantage of their fifteen seconds of fame. 

The online community that has built through social media over the years offers copious places for connection and moments to improve yourself and others simply by sharing your story. If you haven’t found your corner of the authorial internet, download a few apps and find a few people who make you feel like the growing, talented writer you are. Don’t let writing remain a lonely career!