Working Smart is Working Hard

Image Source: Tara Mann

Schoolwork is stressful. It’s got to get done at some point, but starting the trek up that mountain is a daunting task. If you manage your time wisely and plan ahead, it can really pay off in the long run. There is perhaps nothing better than the feeling you get when you realize you have 3 projects due the next day but then remember that they’ve all been completed and submitted. 

Here’s a few tips to get you started on that path:

  1. Do the last thing first. It seems counterintuitive, but when you have lots of little homework assignments, start with the least urgent one. For example, if you have to answer a few questions by Friday and read a chapter by Thursday, do the questions first. You’ll still have to do the reading before Thursday, and then once that’s over you won’t have to worry about the questions which will give you a bit more relaxation time. I’ve used this technique many times, and I always feel so relieved when I’m done.
  2. Make a plan. If you’ve got 3 huge projects/papers/tests all in the same week, make a plan for getting it done. A week before, dedicate one day to each task. If you think about them all at once, you’ll stress yourself out and make little progress on one because you’re so busy worrying about the others. Creating a plan helps you feel more organized and prepared to accomplish everything on your plate.
  3. Do a little bit every day. Maybe it’s an easier project or one that you just need to gather and compile some research for. In that case, work on it a little bit each day. Let it slowly come together, instead of taking an entire day and frying your brain. Just don’t leave it until the last minute, no matter how tempting it is to binge watch some Netflix.

School is hard, and the homework tends to take the fun out of it. But as long as you work smart, you can enjoy what you learn and still have time for fun.