WordReference for the Win

Image via EHL Insights

Online translators for foreign languages like Google Translate can be unreliable. However, I found one that I use on a daily basis as a Spanish minor that has been super helpful; Wordreference.com is a great website for translating English to Spanish or even Spanish to English. Of course, there are other languages on the website, such as German, French, Russian, Japanese, and more.

In high school, this website was one of the main ones my Spanish teachers told me to use, and even some of my college professors recommend using it. The only downside is that WordReference can only be used for words and short phrases, but translating sentences online isn’t a great idea anyway. What’s great about WordReference is that it not only gives the translation of the word, but the word in an example in both languages as well as the general context/description of the word.

If you’re taking any language class right now or studying a language in college, I highly recommend using WordReference. Although I cannot vouch for other languages on WordReference, if you are timid about using it, you can always ask your teacher or professor if it’s reliable for the language you’re studying. It is an easily accessible website that you can pull up while you’re reading, writing, speaking, or just curious about how to say a word.