Women’s History Month: Providing Healing and Hope

Image Source: Prince William Living

It’s Women’s History Month!

I’d like to emphasize the power of women and their importance throughout history. Women have accomplished many unbelievable feats, in spite of a world that was not always accepting or gracious to them. They are figures of dependence, resilience, and hope.

The theme for Women’s History Month this year, as set by the National Women’s History Alliance, is

“Providing Healing, Promoting Hope”

In a time where there is so much uncertainty and unease in the world, we can look to women to heal us in ways that not even medicine can. Women have been chosen as caregivers due to their gentle nature and nurturing demeanor. Women are strong for others as well as themselves. Women not only heal our wounds or our bodies, but they heal our souls. There is nothing more inspiring, comforting, and powerful than the wise words of a woman.

We can look back at the impressive examples women have set for us in history in order to learn from them and adapt their strength and courage into our own lives. We can follow their example, so we can create a better narrative for today—write a story for our lives that we’d want to read. 

So I encourage you to look back at those women in history, not just those who are talked about such as Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou, or Malala Yousafzai, but those in your own history: your mother, your aunts, your grandmothers, other role models in your life. Take their experiences in tandem with your own and create a life of fulfillment and graciousness as many women before you have. Let this feeling wash over you for a moment. I encourage you to do two things while keeping in mind the theme for this month. 


Provide healing and hope to yourself and your own experiences. Take some time to appreciate all that you have overcome, and all the strength and beauty you possess in your actions every day. Allow yourself to feel all that you have accomplished, and all that you may accomplish in the future.


Extend that healing and hope towards others. Pay a compliment to another woman—even better if it’s a stranger. Be kind, and allow positive influences to drive your actions towards others. lift them up with hope and healing energy in the same way you let yourself feel earlier. We may find we live in a more supportive and optimistic world, even when not everything goes the way we want it to.

With these moments of appreciation and acknowledgment of the power women hold, we enter Women’s History Month with a dynamic of togetherness and the ability to make more history for women everywhere.