Winter Practicality

Wintertime is difficult for me to dress for. I always feel like I’d rather stay in cozy sweatpants and a big jacket, especially in Oregon where the temperatures reach below freezing. Unfortunately, I can’t dress that comfortably for my job, so I have put together some quick, easy outfits that are both work-appropriate and stylish. (Or if you feel like dressing up to go out in public!)
Photo from Pinterest
Personally, this is a favorite. I have an obscene number of booties that I love to pair with jeans. Your first layer can be a tank top, t-shirt, or a long sleeve, and you can even layer those tops as well for dimension. Cardigans and scarves are a staple for any wardrobe. You can wear colors that are considered winter schemes, but I also love to throw in a bright-colored scarf here and there to bring warmth to the outfit.
Photo from Pinterest
A wool coat would be so cute to wear during the winter, but they are also quite expensive so not every person might have one. An easy switch for this could be a fuzzy Sherpa jacket or even
a parka. Black outfits are so simple to put together (which is why they’re my favorite!). Black jeans or black leggings with a black long sleeve would cover the basics, then you can layer too! Like I mentioned before, I love wearing booties, which can be worn for this outfit as well!
Both outfits have the flexibility to have small changes to fit your style whether that be different boots, a necklace, or layered tops! Either way, you’ll be warm and fashionable for the winter season.