Winter Fashion Picks

With snow and ice just around the corner, we still want to look cute while our noses are red. I love styling winter clothes because there are so many more options to experiment with. Try using your old summer clothes and throwing tights or a turtleneck underneath. Anything can be reused or flipped.

Photo from Gap Factory

First, I recommend a teddy coat. These are long, soft trench-shaped coats with a vintage feel. Super elegant and classy, also gender-neutral. You can get a short or long one. I recommend either pale tan, black, grey, or any taupe color. Those are neutrals and will pair well with your other outfits. Adding décor like a minimal pin, a flower, or a pocket watch is a fun way to decorate as well.

Photo from Etsy

For underneath the coats, it’s important to have well-balanced choices. For example, an oversized sweater with skinny jeans. Wide, vintage trousers with a more form-fitting top. These are modest and well put-together looks. You can even add a stylish coat to it, a shawl, or a puffy sports jacket to the outfit of your choice. You can have some fun with color patterns, mixing brighter oranges and reds with darker browns, mauves, greys, and blues. Silver or cool-toned jewelry always goes well in the wintertime.

Photo from Garage Clothing

You don’t need to be dressed up all the time in winter. It’s important to stay comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing. I have adopted a favorite pair of work trousers with an elastic waistband, a true life-changer. Experiment with oversized pieces, comfy coats and sweaters, and leggings, and lined loungewear. There is a wide array of it available in malls and in thrift stores. I hope these arrangements help you dress for every cold-weather occasion!