Will Balletcore Be The Next Big Trend Of 2023?

Source: Vogue

We’ve already seen the craze around Y2K and early 2000s fashion, but another trend is emerging, increasing in popularity on social media: balletcore. As the name suggests, “balletcore” takes elements and styles from ballet outfits and incorporates them into outfits that can be worn in daily life. It’s a soft, dreamy aesthetic that might become the trend of 2023. 

Elements of balletcore include silk tops, tulle skirts, slip dresses, sheer tights, leg warmers, Mary Janes, ballet flats, hair ribbons, and more. The color palette of these looks is soft and muted, including off-white, pale pink, baby blue, lavender, and other pastels. The trend carries a graceful, feminine fashion that fascinates both dancers and non-dancers alike, and that’s what makes this look so special.

Source: Bustle

The style was popularized by Miu Miu’s Satin Flats, which have been dubbed as the “shoes of the season.” From there, other brands have followed in their footsteps in creating looks that scream “off-duty dancer.” Jaded London’s newest “411” collection features elements of balletcore as it fuses nostalgic early-2000s silhouettes and modern feminine details. The South Korean brand Pehrt’s newest collection follows the trend entirely, with wrap cardigans, skorts and bodysuits in muted pinks, blues, and grays. 

Source: Glamour Magazine

Although brands have been dedicating their newest collections to feature this style, the best part about balletcore is that it is easily achievable. There’s no need to go out of your way to purchase a pair of Miu Miu flats or ship items from overseas to participate in the trend. It’s easy to create a balletcore look from items you already have in your closet or pieces from easily accessible stores, online or in-person. Urban Outfitters, For Love and Lemons, Free People, Zara, and other brands all have items that would create the perfect outfit. It’s not about excessive effort; it’s about expressing yourself with ease and style.