Why Do We Set and Fail New Year’s Resolutions?

Image Source: Boogyeong Jung
Image Source: Boogyeong Jung

A new year has begun! We’ve finished 2022 well and have started preparing for the new year. When the new year comes, many people set their own New Year’s goals and start new preparations. What are your goals for 2023? What are some things you regret about last year, and what do you want to achieve this year? The most popular New Year’s goals deal with issues related to “losing weight.” Many people decide to go on a diet and register for a new gym in anticipation of themselves becoming thinner in the new year. 

But why do many people make dieting their New Year’s goal? We always set dieting as our New Year’s goal, but we have never thought deeply about why. This may be because it was the desired body image was not achieved in the previous year. Because unfulfilled goals lead to regrets, we decide to set a new goal with even more zest We set the goals we want to achieve, the things we regretted last year, and the things we couldn’t reach. 

We feel we can do anything in the new year as it seems like a new beginning, but time passes all the same. You could just end up in the same position in the future. The most important thing to achieve the New Year’s goal is not to wait for a new you in the new year, but to take a closer look at the reason why you failed to achieve that goal the last year. 

In addition to dieting, there are many other New Year’s goals, such as reading more books, studying a new language, or studying harder in school. By the time you read this article, it will already be a few days after the New Year. Are you keeping your New Year’s resolutions well? Don’t postpone your goals until next year, because even if you fail, why wouldn’t you aim for the process itself and achieve them this year?