When Living Relationships Feel Cramped

Image via Pixabay

Hey, many people know what it is like to become tired of seeing the same faces, even if those faces belong to our loved ones. After having limited mobility and social interaction for a little over a year, maybe your living relationships have started to become strained or dull. Don’t worry! There are many reasons for this, as well as helpful solutions to heal or revitalize your relationship with your family or housemates.

Sometimes, all you need is a new location.

Sometimes conflict stems not from the persons around us but our environment. In these situations, being with the same person but in a different place can change your perspective and renew your relationship. Freshen up your outlook by taking an excursion: take a walk in a park; go somewhere that you usually rush through, and sit to watch the environment; if you can, listen to music on a long drive to an unfamiliar and/or spacious destination.

Get a new perspective.

Even though we may love the people we live with, we can still get tired of each other sometimes! Often we only see one side of those we are close to; expanding your perspective can help you appreciate and understand each other better. You and your family or housemates can participate in some meaningful bonding through activities that explore different facets of characteristics, personality, and/or identity. Play a game that asks deep questions, or do an activity that requires you to switch your usual roles. Even simply doing an activity or exercise you have not yet done together can teach you a lot!

Get back to the basics.

At the end of the day, what matters most is your relationship, and remembering that can make a world of difference. What do you like about this person? What memories do you have together? What can you do together to bring back those feelings? Then, be sure to set aside time every day to do something just for you and your family or housemates. By prioritizing your relationship, you will find that you can’t help but have more appreciation for them!