What’s Your Favorite Topping on Greek Yogurt?

Image provided by Boogyeong Jung

Do you like healthy food? I recommend my favorite place, Greek Day. They serve Greek yogurt, which is one of the most famous foods in Korea these days. At first, it may not seem exciting because it tastes bland, but you can customize it with all the toppings you want. Once that’s done, you will fully feel the charm of this food. 

Greek Day is a chain restaurant in Korea, and it is very popular with people interested in healthy food. There are various menus, and they change for each season. My favorite item is Coral, which is a seasonal item that usually comes out during the spring. It includes banana, shine muscat, granola, strawberry jam, and Oreo. The refreshing texture of the fruit, the sweet taste of Oreo and strawberry jam, and the granola are euphoric and make you feel healthier than ever. 

Now if you’re interested in the taste of Greek yogurt itself, you can go to the next step and make your own. You can choose from fruits such as strawberries, bananas, blueberries, and figs; you can also choose granola toppings and strawberry jam. The restaurant also has low-calorie snacks and yogurt-based food such as low-calorie jams, yogurt drinks, and breads with yogurt filling. 

Delicious pasta and steak with wine are good, but sometimes we need time to fill our bodies with something lighter. The best way to take care of your body after a busy and stressful day is with Greek yogurt. It may not be the perfect food to eat with family and friends, but it can be a pretty exciting snack when you want to savor texture, taste, and the unique ingredients the food consists of. Make a Greek yogurt bowl at Greek Day, and give your body healing!