What to Wear to Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour

Time to look U-N-I-Q-U-E. Beyoncé is touring for the first time in over six years, and, needless to say, the BeyHive came prepared: Renaissance World Tour is giving “Alien Superstar” in every way. Here’s what fans are wearing to see the queen herself. 

Although the tour has just begun, there’s already a common thread to what fans are wearing. Pretend you’re a cowgirl in space who spontaneously decided to go to a disco club—if that description is too broad, then sparkles and silver are the way to go. Silver is THE color of Renaissance, as Beyonce is covered in nothing but silver rhinestones on the album cover, meaning rhinestone tops are not only recommended but encouraged at the concert too. Princess Polly has shimmering silver tops that are perfect for Club Renaissance. 

Image Source: Shopify

Take a look at Zara’s rhinestone top or Forever 21’s silver corset for some more inspiration. You could also style Urban Outfitters’ rhinestone bra on top of a black bra or shirt for the ultimate celestial look since layering crystal mesh tops and dresses over black undergarments seems to be a staple for this concert. Incerunmen has great options for men to look like alien superstars too, from crop tops to mesh shirts. Complete your fit with black bottoms, or opt for a more comfortable option with jeans. Some fans are even wearing silver bottoms

Image Source: Forever 21

Almost everyone is completing their looks with a cowboy hat, no doubt in homage to Beyoncé’s hometown, Houston. Some are wearing black cowboy hats with silver rhinestones hanging off the edges, while others don completely silver cowboy hats. Windsor has more affordable options that embody Beyoncé’s glam cowgirl aesthetic. Amazon has many disco cowboy hats to choose from. DIY-ing your hat is extremely popular on TikTok right now, too.

Image Source: @mollykiely on TikTok
Image Source: Amazon

Cowgirl boots, such as this pair from Windsor, are the perfect way to tie the look together. Stick with the color palette of silver or black, and you’re Renaissance-ready!