What To Wear: Thanksgiving Edition

When it comes to fashion, certain holidays can be tied with certain looks: Christmas is synonymous with reds and greens, Halloween is a big costume party and New Year’s Eve calls for cocktail dresses and sequins. Thanksgiving may not be a holiday where a certain look immediately comes to mind, but that doesn’t mean Thanksgiving fashion doesn’t exist. In fact, there are many styles you can try for the holiday season, and they can change depending on the occasion and activity. 

For a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with family, try elevated casual by styling outfits around a blazer. A black turtleneck and blue jeans look great with a cream-colored blazer, and a light gray sweater plus a leather miniskirt and over-the-knee boots work well with a dark gray blazer. For a Friendsgiving gathering, consider something cozy and comfortable. Perhaps a matching hoodie-sweatpants set with fuzzy socks for a movie night after dinner? Or maybe an oversized t-shirt paired with shorts or a skirt and furry slides? Either way, “comfortable” and “casual” are two keywords of Thanksgiving fashion. 

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During Thanksgiving time, visiting a pumpkin patch with some friends and family is always a great way to spend some quality time together. Oftentimes, groups take photos during these visits, so a good outfit is key to a successful photo shoot. Stay away from orange so you don’t blend into the background, and don’t choose colors that are too vibrant or too cool-toned; instead, choose complementary colors such as different shades of warm brown, or stick with blacks and whites that can never go wrong. 

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Even with the rise in popularity of e-commerce, Black Friday is still widely anticipated and celebrated. If you’re planning to go at night to rush into stores as soon as the clock hits midnight, then make sure to stay warm: a coat will be your best option. To make your shopping experience more convenient, stick with wardrobe basics and avoid dresses or any one-piece clothing to make trying on clothes easier. It’s advised that you wear a pair of comfortable sneakers; you might be standing in line and walking for a long time. 

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Unlike Christmas or New Year’s, Thanksgiving fashion is not based on a certain color scheme or material. However, that doesn’t make it any less of a fashionable holiday, and no matter what your plans are, you can show off your look and your holiday spirit — so what will you wear this Thanksgiving?