What to Wear on Turkey Day

The perfect outfit for Thanksgiving can be difficult to put together. You want to create a cute outfit to make yourself feel pretty and surprise your relatives, whom you haven’t seen in a while. At the same time, you want to wear yoga pants because you know you’ll stuff yourself like the turkey on the table.

My family enjoys being outdoors on Thanksgiving. We try our best to stay warm, so there is typically an outdoor fire and wine to drink! 

Photo from ByLaurenM

I feel most cozy and comfortable in an oversized sweater. I use the layering technique as displayed where a long-sleeve undershirt is worn underneath the sweater. I am known for being quite cold regardless of where I am, so this allows me to maintain body temperature as well as adding texture to the outfit! 

In addition to that, leggings make the perfect bottoms to an oversized sweater look. Adding a pair of boots, knee-high as displayed, or booties, dress up the outfit. Jewelry is where I would be creative. Personally, I love long, layered necklaces, and I believe it adds a sense of flow to the outfit as well.

You have a lot of room for creativity with this outfit. Changing the color scheme or adding patterns can allow you to really make this style your own! Happy eating!